The Channel Coast Log Jam est. 2013 has run 8 times, we are stoked to have created this celebration of small waves, traditional surfing and single fins for our local scene. It has quickly become an anticipated event in the south coast's logging scene and has garnered support from leading international brands and participants from throughout the UK. Our overall winner from 2013 to 2017 in order are Michael Winter,  Richard Balding,  Simon Firley,  James Parry,  Ben Brown,  Ben Haworth,  Michael Winter,  Ben Brown.

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presented by

1. Michael Winter
2. Joe Hornbuckle
3. Ben Brown
4. Andy Verreck
5. Ben Jones
6. Andy White

This year saw 20 competitors from all over, plenty of locals and some influx from Cornwall, London & Berkshire! The waves weren't firing, but were well formed and peeling providing some classic nose rides, and a contestable wave. 4 first round heats, 3 second round heats and a final... well done to our top 3 pictured by Jake Moore!

Michael Winter, a 3 time winner, and getting harder to beat each year! Kudos and welcome to Joe Hornbuckle whom traveled with his Dad Mark from St. Agnes, Cornwall, bags of style, nose rides and commitment to make a CCLJ from afar. Happy Birthday Ben Brown in 3rd.. local legend and great support from the entire Brown Clan as always!!

Thanks to
Jake Moore Photography
Cam Barnes Photography
Paul Charlton, Ben Jones, Dan Brown, Ben Brown, AV, Mike Winter for your help with judging.
Nick Watt for providing the shelter.
Henry Quinney and those that took shots on my cameras.
The guys that help with the event calls !
& to anyone that came down to support, help, watch, and compete.

Mike Winter, Nick Watt, Cam Barnes, Dan Brown, Elliot Withers, Joe Hornbuckle, Mason Goldstein, Henry Quinney, Pete Holliday, Ben Detheridge, Ben Brown, Paul Charlton, Ed Anthony, Ben Jones, Andy White, Andy Verreck, Carl Barnes, Rob, Rob Tishaw and Eric Brice!



9ft plus & single fin surfboards.. 
Traditional manufacture, materials, and templates encouraged.
No SUP's. 

Entrance is free with limited spaces available in the 16 man line up.
This event is semi-invitational but please apply here
(over 18's only - please read disclaimer below). 


In order of importance and scoring ability



INVOLVED - cutbacks, bottom turn, dropknee tyrn, keeping critical, stalling, tubes

EXPRESSION โ€“ personal style, classic style, saying something

JIVE - Headcocks, odd style things, good hands

TURNS - off the lip / floaters

The format of the Jam can vary dependent on numbers, but a heat style format will no doubt ensue, with each wave scored out of 10.00. Best Two Waves cumulative total.. (if a tie, 3rd wave count back).

This event is a gathering of friends at a location to be decided, in which we shall surf together. We do not sell anything on the beach, do not provide insurance, erect marquees or other such commercial activities. This a group of friends surfing. There is no money involved, to be won, or for entrance, just prizes donated. We choose to surf with over 18's only, as it is therefor your decision to participate. We will not be held liable for any loss or injury sustained for any reason. If you choose to surf you will likely have photos & video taken of you, and your involvement gives consent that this is ok. Whilst you are surfing you are 'free surfing' as such, so please obey the rules of the beach, RNLI, surfing, and all actions are your sole responsibility. There will likely be other users in the line up, so please be as courteous as any other day.

Our Finalists & Winners List

Autumn 2013
1. Michael Winter |  2. Ben Brown | 3. Jack Dudley | 4. Jake Culley

Spring 2014
1. Richard Balding | 2. Mike Winter | 3. Ben Jones | 4. Andy White | 5. James Corrigan | 6. Ben Brown

Uppercut Deluxe โ€˜Slick & Destroyโ€™ Award
- Jon Baratini

The Critical Slide Society โ€˜Most Outrageous Styleโ€™ Award
โ€“ Ben Brown

Autumn 2014
1. Simon Firley | 2. Ben Jones | 3. Mike Winter | 4. Andy Verreck.

The Critical Slide Society โ€˜Most Outrageous Styleโ€™ Award
โ€“ Andy Verreck

Woll Beer 'Way Of Living Life' Award
- Ben Jones

K-Bay Surfboard Award
 - Michael Winter

Spring 2015
1. James Parry | 2. Ben Brown | 3. Mike Winter | 4. Andy Verreck.

The Critical Slide Society โ€˜Most Outrageous Styleโ€™ Award
โ€“ Ben Brown

Woll Beer 'Way Of Living Life' Award
- Andy Verreck

Noosa Longboards 'Most Critical Nose Ride' Award
- James Parry

Heavy Surf 'Heaviest Turn' Award
- James Parry

Fin Porn x The Salty Merchants 'Finest Fin First' Award
- Ben Brown

Autumn 2015
1. Ben Brown | 2. Mike Winter | 3. Andy Verreck. | 4. Dan Brown

Heavy Surf 'Heaviest Turn' Award
- Andy White

Jimmy's Iced Coffee ICED COLD Award
 - Michael Winter

Heavy Surf 'Heaviest Wipeout' Award
- Michael Winter

Spring 2016
1st - Ben Haworth | 2nd - Ben Brown | 3rd - Ben Jones | 4th - Mike Winter | 5th - Andy White | 6th - Andy Verreck

'Iced Cold' award presented by Jimmy's Iced Coffee

'Most Outrageous Style' award presented by The Critical Slide Society 

'I am a Passenger' award presented by Passenger clothing for the best tandem / shared wave.
ANDY WHITE & ROB TISHAW for mid wave tandem.

'Most Critical Nose Ride' award presented by Beau Young Surfboards xThe Salty Merchants

'Heaviest Turn' award presented by Heavy Surf

Saviour Watersports Ding Repair vouchers go to - 
Andy White (tandem attempts hurt boards!) & James Corriggan (for all around commitment and input).

Autumn 2016
1st Michael Winter | 2nd Nick Watt | 3rd Andy Verreck | 4th Ben Jones

'Most Outrageous Style' award presented by The Critical Slide Society - Andy Verreck - cockroach spinner styler

'I am a Passenger' award presented by Passenger clothing for best shared wave - Bobby Mills & Andy White

'Wyldest Tyrn' award presented by The Salty Merchants
- Michael Winter

'Iced Cold Manoeuvre' award presented by Jimmy's Iced Coffee - 
Ben Jones

and for Henry Huxtable whom snapped his board !! a Saviour Watersports ยฃ50 ding repair voucher.

Summer 2017
1st Ben Brown | 2nd Michael Winter | 3rd Oli Penwarden | 4th Erik Bryce

The Salty Merchants 'Wyldest Tyrn' Award
- Oli Penwarden

The Passenger Clothing 'I am a Passenger' Award - Dan Brown & Ben Brown

The Jimmy's Iced Coffee 'Iced Cold' Award -
- Ben Brown

The Conker Spirit 'That's the Spirit' Award
- Andy Verreck



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