I ordered a 3/2 jacket about a year or 2 ago from you and I love it so much it’s the best quality jacket I’ve had. Can’t wait for my long John to go with it.
Katherine Mavridis, New York, USA

Wow i love the wetsuit. So comfortable, flexible, warm, and sick looking
// 3/2 full suit
Brandyn Zuganelis. Huntington Beach, USA

Got the 3/2 on. So unbelievably warm! And comfy.
// full suit  
Trevor Cleveland. Santa Cruz, USA

best most comfortable, most stylish suit I've ever worn
// long john &  jacket
Andy Verreck. UK

I was toasty in the jacket and my boardies. It’s amazing how the smooth skin protects against the wind and how little water is kept in it.
Wore just that and boardies and was out for 3 hrs. Good times!
// jacket
James Corrigan. UK

As a winter suit i would say it is hands down the warmest I’ve had and the coolest looking, it was rad watching all my mates that were running 2 xcels send them back after a couple of months because they had fallen apart
// 5mm back zip full suit
Matt Hillier. UK

Best Buy Ever
// jacket
Christian Perry. UK

Wetties are Sick! Just had a surf in the long john, it's So good. So Inspiring. Feels good haha
// long john
Paul Nunn. WA

your product looks classy, and the whole feel of it - Yamamoto, Lach and Beau, that's a good look. Impressed
John Brasen - Pacific Longboarder Mag, Aus

just got my long John and tried it in the shop. Epic. Great fit, very happy.
// longjohn & jacket
Jack Warpole, UK / Aus

I received the jacket today - it is really nice with such a fitted piece - no matter your movement, it does not shift out of place. The neoprene seems really silky inside, stretchy all over and pleasant to wear
// jacket
Arne Debelius, Berlin Germany

Thanks for the new jacket. Every wettie I've had is super high quality and very toasty. If your after a new jacket for spring give, they are made custom and ship all over the globe.
// jacket
Lachlan Leckie – The Salty Merchants, Koolangatta Aus

The warmest summer suit I've owned, takes me right into mid winter
// 3/2 back zip full suit
Ben Brown, UK

We really wanna hear back from you guys, see pics, and get your feedback on our suits so to continually refine our offering and to give confidence to new buyers of our tailored suits... thanks for the feedback, keep it coming.